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What Is Law Of Attraction Vibration? How To Use It For Your Good?

The law of attraction vibration is often misunderstood. No, it’s got nothing to do with vibrating your body or going into a shaking mode.

Everyone is constantly giving off energy vibrations at any given time.

The law of attraction vibration could be described as giving off reverberations of energy from the thought process out into the universe.

Is this a good thing?

Well, it depends on what the nature of the thought process is and the vibration attached to it.

The law states that whatever you are vibrating from the thoughts you produce, the universe will respond to it in kind.

In other words, if you are thinking depressed thoughts or negative thoughts, the universe will respond with negativity.

If you are in a positive thought process, then the universe responds with positivity related to what you are thinking and feeling.

Whatever your thought process is offering through your energy vibrations, expect the universe to respond by giving you more of what you are vibrating.

And here’s something you need to understand about your vibrations. While vibrations come from the way you think and feel, the universe doesn’t discern between good and bad thoughts.

It doesn’t care.

It simply responds to your vibration so when you hear law of attraction teachers telling you to be careful with your thought process, you need to listen and take it seriously.

How To Raise Your Law Of Attraction Vibration Levels

Law Of Vibration And Attraction
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The response from the universe to your thought process isn’t immediate. Whether it’s good or bad, eventually you’ll attract back to you more of what you are sending out in energy vibrations.

Here are five techniques that will help you raise your vibration levels:

– Write a daily journal to map out your perfect day.

– Use affirmations to affirm what it is you truly want.

– Using tools such as a vision board where you create a picture vision of your ideal life.

– Through constant gratitude which is something you should be practicing every opportunity you get during the day.

By maintaining a positive attitude and engaging in activities that will keep you on a positive level.

The last suggestion is one that is overlooked by most simply because it’s obvious.

You know the saying that says “the best things in life are free”. Well, this is similar in that being happy shouldn’t be a drag.

Simply watching funny videos on YouTube for a short period can be enough to get you laughing.

By simply engaging in activities that make you laugh is one of the best ways to raise your vibration levels.

For example when you laugh, you don’t think about what you don’t have. You’re raising your vibration to levels where doing this consistently will get you some amazing returns from the universe.

A Simple Exercise To Raise Your Vibration Levels And Stave Off Anxiety

The end result here is conditioning your subconscious mind when you raise your positive vibration levels.

You are sending the right signals to the universe that you are open to receiving what it is that you want.

You are training your subconscious to seek out these opportunities that you desire through feeling and vibration.

Dr. Melanie Barton, LCSW, Ed.D has an exercise she teaches her students to help raise their energy vibration levels. This is great if you are nervous about something such as an exam.

Dr. Barton has great success teaching her students the following technique.

“There are a variety of different exercises that I teach my students”.

“One of them is a balancing both hemispheres of the brain”.

“So you flip your hands over so that they’re interlocked”.

“And then you put them into your chest and you breathe in through your nose with your tongue at the roof of your mouth. Then you breathe out with your tongue at the bottom of your mouth”.

“And you do that for about two minutes. What that will do is it calms your anxiety and it helps your brain to focus”.

“For example, this is what I do with people to help them prepare for the LSAT exam to go to law school. Another example would be for those that are taking the social work exam”.

“This is how they calm down their anxiety levels. Their vibration is where it’s supposed to be and the roadblocks are cleared out so that they can move ahead without interruption”.

Law Of Attraction Vibration

Just remember that what you think about, good or bad, matters not to the universe.

It’s simply reacting to the energy you are sending it so just make sure it’s the right energy.

The universe doesn’t discern.

Knowing what you truly want can change at various stages of your life. There are both short term and long term wants.

The example above related to exams or tests. That’s at a particular moment in your life when you know the result of passing that exam can affect you for the rest of your days.

It’s natural to be nervous about that.

So in that case, what you truly want is to ace your exam. That’s the short term goal.

The long term goal will be the day you become a lawyer and hired by a law firm.

Manifesting and sending out the right energy vibrations related to that means conditioning your thought process to be thinking and feeling that day as if you are already living it.

In the following Life’s Breakthroughs minute, Dr. Barton gives us an example of the exercise she teaches her students.

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