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What Are The Law Of Attraction Affirmations And How Do You Use Them?

The law of attraction affirmations are simply a tool to focus in on areas in your life you want to improve.

An affirmation is a positive statement that explains something you are wanting to bring into reality as if it’s already happened.

Affirmations help us get into a mindset of believing and into the feeling of our dreams coming true.

They are a powerful tool in the law of attraction process for several reasons:

  • They help us to get clear on what we’re attracting
  • They’re helping us believe that we can have what we want
  • They reinforce our positive habits so we can receive what we want
  • They improve self-esteem
  • They’ll align us with attracting what we want

When you’re writing your own affirmations, you first want to start with your belief system.

Get really honest with yourself and determine if you actually believe the affirmation you are stating.

Examples Of The Law Of Attraction Affirmations

What Are Law Of Attraction Affirmations
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Some examples of law of attraction affirmations are:

  • I am now an executive in my company
  • I’m living in my dream home
  • I am proud of the person I am
  • I have purchased my dream car

Essentially, any statement that starts with “I”, “I am” or “I’m” and feels good to you is an affirmation.

But the key here is to believe in what you are saying. Belief is at the root of using the law of attraction affirmations to help you achieve your goals.

If your belief isn’t strong, but you want something badly, there’s a way to ease yourself in and build up your belief so that you can get the results you want.

For example, let’s say you want to buy your dream home which costs $200K, but you don’t currently have the funds to pay for the down payment.

In this scenario, “I am now living in my dream home” might feel out of reach.

Your belief might not match the vibration of how you feel when you imagine living in your dream home.

However, what if you started by saying, “I believe that it is possible for me to attract the funds needed for the down payment of my dream home.”

The key is to close the gap of the discrepancy between what you want and what feels attainable to you.

If you believe that it is possible for you to attract the funds, then you’re easing yourself into the affirmation process.

It’s important to remember that practicing your affirmations is not a one-off exercise.

You need to be consistent. When you reach a level of confidence in what you are affirming, you should be performing affirmations several times a day.

Best Way To Use Affirmations

Positive affirmations work with the law of attraction to bring you closer to your goals.

Once you start believing in the possibility of your goals and have determined the affirmations that feel good and attainable to you, you’re on the right track!

The key is to remember that when you’re feeling good, you’re in a positive point of attraction, and when you’re feeling bad, you’re not in a place of attracting what you want. So as you create your affirmations, make sure you feel good while doing it.

Use these suggestions to create your own affirmations that will work for you:

  1. Choose an affirmation that feels feasible and possible, yet exciting and elevating.
  2. Write your affirmation in the present tense. Use “I am” instead of “I will.”
  3. Cultivate the feelings and emotions you’ll have once you achieve it.
  4. Align with your affirmation. Focus on what you want to attract, not what’s presently happening.
  5. When negative thoughts come up, use your affirmations to get you back on track, and feeling good about your vision.

Now, once you’ve written affirmations starting with “I am” that feel good to you, remember to use your affirmations daily (or as often as possible!) to visualize and feel the outcome.

While it might seem easy to simply affirm things, there is a learning curve here however, this will become second nature in no time at all.

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