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The Top 9 Law of Attraction Techniques For Attracting Anything You Desire

Law Of Attraction Techniques

The phrase law of attraction techniques may confuse many people who immediately look for a plan or a system at the mention of these words.

In some respects, the law of attraction is a system but it’s not “mechanical”. In today’s world, we are surrounded by so many people who have achieved their goals and desires through these methods.

Did I say methods? Again, it will conjure up some sort of system. My best explanation of putting law of attraction techniques into practice and watching them work is…

Be. Do. Have.

But here’s what you need to know. The universe doesn’t distinguish between good and bad or positive and negative. Whatever you conceive in your mind and dwell on will be yours.

But still, there are some people who don’t know how they work or what exactly it means when someone says “I am using a law of attraction technique”.

I will show you five law of attraction manifestation techniques that if put into practice daily, will change your life.

9 Law Of Attraction Techniques

L.O.A. Techniques
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1) Visualization Technique – When you visualize yourself getting whatever you want, you create a strong belief inside your subconscious mind that you actually get it. You must believe 100% that you achieve your desired result. Your thoughts become reality.

2) Affirmations Technique – Here you use positive affirmations to manifest your desires. Positive thinking leads to positive results. By repeating over and over again, you make your desire come true.

3) Meditation & Relaxation Technique – Meditating on your desires helps you connect deeply with your inner self. Once connected, you feel more confident about attaining your dreams.

4) Intentional Breathing Technique -This technique involves deep breathing while visualizing your dream clearly in your mind’s eye. As you breathe out negative emotions like fear, worry etc., you clear your mind from distractions and focus only on your vision.

5) Dream Recall Technique-You recall vivid images during sleep time. These images represent your future. During day time, you should live each moment fully aware of where you are right now. Be present in every situation.

6) Mantra Technique-Mantras are sounds, words or phrases repeated mentally to invoke higher power. Repeating mantra increases concentration level and brings peace within oneself.

7) Thought Field Therapy -Thought field therapy uses visualization to heal emotional wounds caused due to past experiences. TFT creates new thought patterns that lead to healthy living.

8) Energetic Vibration/Qigong Technique- Qigong (pronounced Chigong) is based on ancient Chinese philosophy. Qigong teaches students to control their minds and bodies simultaneously. Practicing Qigong improves health, vitality and longevity.

9) Prayer Technique– Praying to God gives strength and courage to face challenges. It also connects us directly to our creator.

What Does It All Mean?

So let us start with understanding what techniques mean before talking about any particular method.

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word “law of attraction” is something like “Law of Gravity”.

It seems very logical because if I throw a ball towards the ground, the earth attracts it back at me.

But the truth is, not everything has its own specific force or energy associated with it. The same way nothing can be attracted to anything else without having any kind of connection between both.

For example, there is no such thing as magnetism without electricity. Similarly, there is no gravity without matter.

We cannot say that the universe is attracting certain objects to itself. No! Everything just happens according to the laws of nature. And those laws do not change even though we may think otherwise. They always remain constant. That is why we call them “laws”.

Law Of Attraction Techniques In More Detail

Let’s look at five law of attraction techniques in a little more detail. Don’t get put off by the word technique.

Truth is, there is work involved in anything you do that’s worthwhile.

A technique is simply a method of performance or a way of accomplishing.

What you’re accomplishing when you put these L.O.A. techniques into practice is achieving what it is you truly desire at a particular time in your life.

So what is it you truly desire?

Check out these five law of attraction techniques you can use and apply right away to help bring your manifestations to life.

1. Visualize Through Writing

Also called scripting, visualizing through writing is a powerful law of attraction technique that lets the mind explore possibilities while drawing an emotional connection to your desires.

Grab a pen and paper. Then, simply start writing words or phrases that describe your intention or what you’re looking to manifest. As you write, more and more exciting words and phrases and ideas will come to you. As you keep focusing on writing the best-case scenarios from your mind, you’ll be clarifying your intentions.

See your manifestation as clearly as you can. As you write, combine your visions with positive emotion, and the universe will hear you loud and clear.

2. Align With Your Vision

Now that you’ve started to write your ideal scenario, and have started to feel the excitement building about your manifestations, you’re in a very open state. See if you can hold onto that vision by aligning your hopes with expectations.

Close your eyes and imagine your vision as if it’s already happening. What do you see, hear, or smell? Try to soak up all the feelings of this new reality.

It’s completely normal for thoughts of doubt and uncertainty to begin creeping in. Know that this is normal and expect it to happen and you’ll be in a good place to refute those opposing thoughts when they do arise. Just keep bringing your attention back to your visualization to enhance your attraction power.

How To Stop Negative Thinking
Which object will you choose?

 3. Connect Your Vision With An Object

Have you ever noticed that new age bookstores often sell crystals too? This is because using a small object to associate with your desire can help cement your dreams in your mind, activating the law of attraction.

Crystals are commonly used to help people focus their energy and bring manifestations more effectively to life using the law of attraction.

Use an object such as a crystal to connect your positive thoughts to while you’re in a good visualization state. Then, each time you see or hold or look at that object, you’ll be reminded of your vision consciously and subconsciously.

4. Live As If It’s Happened

Now that you’ve imagined your ideal reality and painted the picture of what it’ll be like for you to live it, it’s time to live as if it’s already happened!

Who do you need to become in order to be that person you envision? What habits might you need to let go of to step fully into your vision?

Start living this way right now and embody your manifestation!

5. Declutter

As you begin to live the life that your future self is living, you’ll notice that certain objects and clutter can distract your mind. You might find that you can’t tolerate clutter as much as you could before your visualization practices!

Take this time to gather all the things you don’t want or need and donate them or sell them. You’ll feel one hundred times better once these things are out of your living space. Symbolically, you’re making room for your manifestations to come into reality.

This process is particularly helpful if your vision involves letting go of an old way of thinking or feeling, or letting go of a period in your life that was traumatic or unproductive or negative in some way.

Law Of Attraction Techniques

Our minds attach memories to our physical surroundings, so getting rid of these items can free up your mind to pull in new manifestations.

What needs to be understood is, that the word law of attraction does not mean anything magical at all. It simply refers to an idea or concept where everything happens according to our thoughts and beliefs.

So if something good comes to us, then we believe that it has come from somewhere else because we think that it must have been sent to us as a gift.

On the other hand if something bad comes to us, then we feel like its punishment for whatever wrong we did earlier on. This is just one example of how things happen around us based upon our own thinking process.

Recapping the law of attraction with a very basic explanation is very simple – whenever we want to attract something positive towards ourselves, then we need to focus only on those positive feelings inside us.

But also don’t forget, if you focus on the negative stuff in your mind then guess what? You do the math.

What started out as an intention to fix my own problems, has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. I’m betting life has thrown you lemons. We've all tasted the same lemons but the key to overcoming the sour tasting result, is to look at failure and give it the middle finger. Maybe my pain can be your gain in whatever area of life you're looking to improve in.

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