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The Best 7 Ways To Manifest Your Desires Every Time

Trying to manifest your desires but it doesn’t seem to be working? The problem maybe you’re trying too hard.

The law of attraction dictates that when you put a thought out into the universe that you let it go.

Too many people churn the image of what they want in their minds over and over again.

That’s whether it’s money, a new house, a new car, the love of their life – anything.

What’s wrong with this?

Simple. By churning your desires in your mind over and over without letting that request go means you eventually pollute the thought with negativity. That’s a given.

How To Manifest Your Desires

How To Manifest Your Desires
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The following seven steps in manifesting your desires will completely change the way you attract what you want into your life.

There’s nothing complicated about this. Don’t stress over it because you are feeling desperate.

Treat this like a game and enjoy it. Loosen up and stop trying too hard. Here are seven very effective ways to manifest your desires without the stress.

Make A List

At the beginning of the day, week or month, make a list of the things you want to see when you’re out and about.

It could be the car you want, the house you want, even the person you want.

Each time you see something on the list, look, record it to memory, cross it off your list and let it go. This exercise really helps you learn to hone in on your true desires and has the effect of strengthening your manifestations.

Create Your Own Imaginary Savings Account

This is interesting but effective.

Imagine opening up a savings account which you control and manage. This takes advantage of the law of giving. Anytime you make a donation or do something kind for someone, imagine depositing an amount of money into your account.

It could be $100, $500 or $1000 – any amount you like. As your account grows this means you are strengthening your giving and gratitude nature. If you see something you like, buy it with money from your imaginary account.

Ramping Up Your Manifestation Ability

How are you doing so far?

These tips are designed to condition you to manifesting your desires without the stress.

In other words, it’s a game but you are exercising your thought process ability.


How many times have you thought about someone and imagined speaking with them in your mind? Well, this is similar. Only this time it’s someone who can help you achieve what you desire.

For example, it might be someone who has influence in your career path. It might be someone you secretly desire to date.

Visualize yourself engaged in a phone conversation with them. Or you might want to text them instead? How about speaking to them on Skype or Zoom? Feel yourself interacting with them on a vibrational level. You are looking to connect with them on the same frequency. Powerful stuff.

Use Your Bills To Manifest What You Want

What? Using bills to get what you want? Are you crazy?

Most people will dread going to the mailbox and seeing what’s inside. Most times, it’s a bill of some description but today, you are going to stop dreading bills and fall in love with them instead.

The following two bill best practices can change your ability to attract what you want.

Bills Are A Blessing

Many of you may screw your nose at this one but trust me, this is such a powerful manifestation exercise.

Every time you get a bill, take it out of the envelope or if it’s in an email, print it out. Hold it and just thank God or the universe for this blessing.

Many people get negative when a bill arrives. Not you. You are going to be grateful that this bill represents money you were able to spend to purchase something you wanted.

More Bill Blessings

This time, whenever you get a bill in the mail pick it up and get excited about it.

You want to imagine there is a check inside. It’s a large check and you are being overcome with excitement. Again, feel that excitement flowing through your body. Feel the joy of receiving a large sum of money.

Instead of avoiding the bill and feeling down, this exercise will steer you away from that poverty mindset. By creating joy and excitement you are sending out some powerful and positive energy on a strong vibrational frequency.

Increasing Your Ability To Manifest Your Desires

Many people will have chosen just one of the methods above to practice their ability to manifest their desires.

That’s great.

If you have got this far and are just curious to see what else you can use to “pour jet fuel” on your ability to manifest, then this exercise will excite you.

Acts Of Kindness

We mentioned kindness in the savings account scenario but this involves physical money and energy.

Acts of kindness without asking for anything in return are powerful. In this instance, go to any fast food drive thru and when you get to the pay window, give the attendant an extra amount of money.

Why? To pay for the person or people behind you. Paying someone’s bill without acknowledgment is so powerful it cannot be understated.

It doesn’t have to be a drive thru.

What about going to a local store such as Walmart and ask the manager if you can pay someone’s layaway account. Let them know what amount you have in mind and they should be able to match an account to it.

Can you imagine the joy on someone’s face when they get a notice that says “your account is paid in full?” It’s priceless and very powerful.

The One Hundred Dollar Note That Never Disappears

This is a really fun way to enhance your manifestation abilities.

This is something I learnt from the teachings of Abraham Hicks and practice on a regular basis.

We’ve mentioned the word powerful a couple of times so far but this is “powerful with a capital P”.

Abraham Hicks Wallet Game

It’s simple. Put a hundred dollar note in your wallet or purse. You can do less but preferably it’s a hundred.

Now visualize yourself purchasing something with it. When you’re done visualize opening up your wallet and seeing the hundred dollar note there over and over again.

Each time you visualize purchasing something you’ll then open your wallet and that hundred dollars will be there.

When you are out and about shopping and when you come across an item you like visualize buying it.

When you walk out of the store open your wallet and the hundred dollars is still there.

This is a strong exercise for strengthening your manifestation abilities. Practice it often.

Final Thoughts

Each of the seven methods in this article work wonders for conditioning you to manifest your desires without the encroachment of negativity.

Combined with your ability to increase your vibrational frequency each time you use them, and over time, it becomes second nature.

You are becoming manifestation fit just like an athlete training for a mile race needs to be race fit.

JD Dean

What started out as an intention to fix my own problems, has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. I’m betting life has thrown you lemons. We've all tasted the same lemons but the key to overcoming the sour tasting result, is to look at failure and give it the middle finger. Maybe my pain can be your gain in whatever area of life you're looking to improve in.

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