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The 3 Step Law Of Attraction Process

The law of attraction process is not difficult. There is so much information out there on the law of attraction that unfortunately, the process has been made complicated.

The problem is, with so many law of attraction teachers out there now, to get noticed, they have to put a different spin – their own spin on what the L.O.A. process is and how to use it.

I’m a simple man, and I’m sure without offending any of you, many of you are simple people as well.

That’s simple as in the fact that we like out information and lessons given in an easy to understand format.

Well, the process for law of attraction I’ve used since I discovered it is below in easy “bite size chunks”.

Basically, it’s know what you want or desire, set your goal in attaining it and visualize it.

Anything else is just add ons.

The truth is, you’ve been using the law of attraction from the moment you were able to understand what was going on around you.

You’ve spent your whole life visualizing. How do you think you attract things into your life. But the problem is, without clearly defining what you want the whole process is mute.

That’s the problem with us humans. We can’t focus for long periods on one thing. We clutter our consciousness with so many wants and needs. Choose the one thing you desire and then attain it.

When you’re using the law of attraction to set and achieve goals, there are tips that make the process easier to access.

Let’s walk through a 3-step process for working with the law of attraction to start pulling toward you what you want.

Law of Attraction Process: # 1: Get Clear On Your Desire

Law Of Attraction Planner ManifestationBefore you can draw something into your life, you have to get clear on what it is.

Are you feeling uncertain about what you want in life? This is completely normal. However, before you can attract something into your life intentionally, you must get clear.

Take some time to reflect on what you want. Meditate, channel it, write it down. Get quiet and listen to your inner knowing.

Then, once you have the “what” you can start looking into the “why.” It’s important to have a strong “why” as you learn to work with the law of attraction.

If you have inner conflict about your desire, it will be difficult to let it through into your reality.

If you’re unsure and unclear about what you want, that slows the attraction process down. So get clear on your desire and your reasons why you want it.

# 2: Set A Specific Goal

Law Of Attraction Planner PlanNow that you’ve gotten clear on your desire, you’re ready to set a specific goal.

This step involves taking the desire from your head and writing it down on paper.

When we write our goals on paper, we focus on the goal and send energy into its manifestation. This cements our desires into our subconscious mind.

Take a pen and a notebook and write down your specific goal; your “what” and your “why.” Then take your goal through this common framework. Ask yourself: Is my goal specific? Is it measurable? Is it achievable? And is it realistic? And finally, does your goal have a deadline?

You don’t have to be too specific on your deadline, because we can’t control time.

Give a general timeframe and be open to the universe helping you to achieve your goal at the right time.

# 3: Visualize Your Goal In A High-Vibe/Feeling State

VisualizationNow that you’ve identified a goal, determined that it’s achievable and realistic. For example, your goal isn’t to become a famous singer in 3 months when you’ve never taken a voice lesson before.

Now, it’s time to visualize the outcome. Calm your mind and body; putting yourself in a high-vibe state to help the visualization process. Sit or lay comfortably, close your eyes, and breathe deeply several times until you feel relaxed.

Once you feel relaxed, begin to visualize yourself achieving your goal. Try to tap into the feelings you would feel after you achieved the goal. Would you feel excited, proud, accomplished?

What about enthusiastic, free, elevated? Tap into those feelings as you visualize yourself having achieved the goal. Paint a picture of your life after your goal has been achieved.

Get as realistic as possible, really feel it and enjoy the visualization process. If you’re not a visual person or don’t see imagery, heighten your other senses. The most important part is that you can tap into the feelings you want to feel.

When you’re complete with the visualization, slowly bring your mind back to the present and open your eyes.

Adding Gratitude To The Law Of Attraction Process

L.O.A. PlannerNow that you’ve felt what it’ll be like when you achieve your goal, you can move forward in gratitude.

Feel thankful for what you’ve just been able to feel and imagine. Feel grateful for the blessing of your goals being achieved, and let peace and joy wash over you as you get back to the present moment and begin to move toward achieving your vision.

Adding gratitude even before you’ve achieved what it is you want is so powerful it cannot be understated.

People in prayer who pray as if what they’re praying for is already given generate powerful signals to the universe.

Instead of using timid phrases such as “if you could help me get this” or “please help me get this if that’s what you want for me”.

Instead, be assertive and say “Thank you for all the blessings you’ve brought into my life” or “thank you for all the blessings you’re bringing into my life”.

Speak in the present as if it’s already done.

Don’t worry that you haven’t got it yet. Don’t think that you haven’t got it yet. Think that you have it and are enjoying it. It being whatever you desire.

If you think you haven’t got it, you won’t have it. That’s negative. Remember, the universe doesn’t distinguish between good and bad. Whatever you put out there will come back.

Remember, keep the law of attraction process simple.

The Law of Attraction Process
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