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Steps To Success – Get Yourself An Accountability Mentor

Steps To Success

One of the most important steps to success is having a mentor. In a previous article on the recipe for success, we highlighted the importance of finding your why.

It’s crucial to your ultimate success in whatever endeavor you take on.

Having a mentor is equally as important in the steps to success scale because it serves two important purposes.

The first is learning from someone who has already blazed the trail you’re on and won. Why reinvent the wheel?

The second is what we want to concentrate on in this article and that involves having a mentor that will keep you on track.

In essence, finding a mentor who can serve both purposes is great. But if you need to have two mentors, one to learn from and the other to keep you on track, do it.

Steps To Success – Two Mentors Are Better Than One

Steps To Success In Life
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Whatever it takes right? You’re on an important journey, one which could shape the rest of your life and getting this step wrong will not only affect your life, but the life of those you love. Let that sink in.  

If it takes finding two mentors then do it. Remember your why and remember your end goal. Shut out the outside noise which is starting to creep in and telling you…

“That’s crazy talk! Two mentors…what are you nuts!”

All successful individuals have credited a minimum of one important individual or mentor in life.  Many credit two or more.

Mentors not only provide support but also challenge your thoughts and actions. Not to prove who’s right or wrong, but to open your horizons, offer other options, challenge preconceived ideas, and truly help you discover who you are. 

A mentor will never accept the phrase: “I don’t know, it’s just always been that way!” – because a mentor believes you control your future. 

Steps To Success – Accountability Mentor

As important as learning from successful people is, having someone who can “ride shotgun” and keep you on track is just as vital.

So here’s a quick guide on how to find the right accountability mentor.

A Mentor You Respect

Look for someone you respect and fear.

Your accountability mentor should be someone you never want to let down.

It could be because you crave to be seen in a good light by this person. You want to gain the respect they have in their field.

Looking bad in their eyes is something you want to avoid at all costs.

Someone You Fear

This can be powerful. When you decide you want someone you fear to be your accountability mentor, it’s almost guaranteeing you’ll do the necessary work in your steps to success.

I said almost guaranteeing. Please don’t simply assume they are going to do the work for you.

When I say someone you fear, it’s really someone you respect but who has an aura about them that other people are intimidated by. It could be a parent, a former teacher or a former boss. Even a high achieving friend or acquaintance.

The reason you choose someone you fear is pretty much the same reasons as choosing someone you respect.

You want to earn their respect. Earning respect from someone you fear is a big victory on your way to ultimate success.

Ultimately, you crave getting the same respect from people as they do in life but really, you want their personal respect.

Final Thoughts On Choosing Your Mentors

So in the steps to success, we’ve already established you need to find your why. Now, you need a mentor…or two.

For those of you who are building a home business, your mentor will usually be the person you’re learning how to build it from.

Whether it’s online marketing, MLM or selling and buying physical goods, someone is showing you the correct steps to find ultimate success. There’s an extremely important role for this type of mentor in your life.

For many people though, even when they find someone willing to teach them the steps to success, unless they have that extra layer of discipline, they struggle.

That’s why an accountability mentor should always be close to the top of your shopping list when ticking off the steps of success boxes.

The right one will keep you focussed and as mentioned earlier, challenge your thoughts and actions. An accountability mentor is like having training wheels. In other words, they can keep your productivity levels on track. 

Once this happens, seeing positive results is the great motivation that keeps you moving. In fact, you will get to a point where you instinctively motivate yourself and keep yourself on track.

That’s when it’s time to shed the training wheels but if you can, keep your accountability mentor “on retainer”…for those times when you are challenged.

And in any endeavor worth doing, you will be challenged. 

JD Dean

What started out as an intention to fix my own problems, has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. I’m betting life has thrown you lemons. We've all tasted the same lemons but the key to overcoming the sour tasting result, is to look at failure and give it the middle finger. Maybe my pain can be your gain in whatever area of life you're looking to improve in.

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