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Law Of Attraction Tip – How To Apply the L.O.A. Successfully In Your Life

Law Of Attraction Tip

Everyone seems to have a blog offering a law of attraction tip these days. However, one thing I’ve noticed is how complicated it has all become.

It shouldn’t be.

The best law of attraction tips will be a simple framework of what you need to do to make this work in your life.

So here is a crash course in the law of attraction:

  1. Define what it is you truly want
  2. Visualize it
  3. Feel it
  4. Let it go

I’m not apologizing for the simplistic blueprint and law of attraction tip but really, that’s it.

Whatever you can conceive of in your mind, with the right vibrational frequency and feeling coupled with daily doses of gratitude and expectation, applying the law of attraction in your life successfully shouldn’t be an issue.

Law Of Attraction Tip – Beware The Extra Layers

A Law Of Attraction Tip
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The confusion comes when there are extra layers added by teachers.

When people settle down to read or listen to a “10 ways to” or “20 ways to” teaching on the law of attraction, suddenly it appears like work and it all seems too hard.

We are not meant to be a complicated species.

Visualize what it is you desire. Find a quiet place and then imagine yourself living what you are visualizing. Hold that thought for at least thirty seconds and then just let it go.

When you constantly stress over something you want and it’s not here yet, you are sending out negativity in bucket loads.

One of the reasons why you want to let it go is to allow the universe to go to work and begin aligning things in your favor.

You may not notice anything but there will be signs that it’s starting to happen.

Little synchronicities for example begin to occur. You call them coincidence, I call it the universe hearing your request. It’s doing what it does best and in its own time.

Remember that. Too many people want the hocus pocus response of their desire appearing immediately.

If this is you then you are better off visiting an antique store and asking if they have any old lamps in stock. A genie is the only way you are going to manifest anything instantly.

The law of attraction is a “creature of patience”. Visualizeit, feel it and let it go. The “magic sauce” comes in practicing gratitude on a daily basis.

Be. Do. Have. Live your life by these three words in this order and magic will happen. But be patient.

L.O.A. Tip – Use The Right Tools

There are useful tools you’ll want to use on your law of attraction journey.

We’re not talking hammers and screwdrivers. Tools such as prayer or vision wheels. These are not only effective in your manifestation of your desires but also fun to use.

Dr. Melanie Barton, LCSW, Ed.D uses prayer wheels with her students. She combines this technique with kinesiology or muscle testing.

Sounds mysterious but it’s an amazing technique which has given her an her students many breakthroughs.

“When I work with somebody, we come up with what’s called a prayer wheel”.

“This is what Catherine Ponder in her book, The Dynamic Laws Of Prosperity talked about”.

So I have this prayer wheel that has six sections on it”.

“And in each section, you write something that you want to be true”.

“Then you put down the date that you want to accomplish it by”.

“And then what I do with people is I use kinesiology, which is muscle testing”.

“It’s all about envisioning what you really want”.

“And then me testing it to see if that’s truly what you want in your highest self.

Do You Know What You Really Want?

Dr. Barton made a really crucial point. She talked about testing to see “if that’s truly what you want”.

This is so important it cannot be understated.

We talked earlier about people finding the law of attraction complicated.

That’s true but what is also true is you need to know what you really want.

If you don’t, you’ll be aiming at a target that continually moves in your mind. What you want today won’t be what you want tomorrow.

And so sending mixed requests out in the universe like this is going to get you plenty of nothing in return.

If you don’t know what you truly want then imagine how the universe feels. It’s likely saying “well, let me put them on hold for awhile until they figure out what they want because I’m confused”.

So establish what it is you really want and then make it your sole focus.

Dr. Barton looks at how to apply the law of attraction plus explains her prayer wheel exercise in more detail in this Life’s Breakthroughs minute video excerpt.

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