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Law Of Attraction Money – 7 Tips To Attract More Wealth And Abundance

The law of attraction money tips in this article are to be used as a foundation for attracting more wealth and abundance into your life.

Are we going to tell you that just thinking about money will make it magically appear. No, certainly not.

But by following this guide on attracting more money into your life, you will condition yourself to maintain a prosperous thought pattern.

Sticking to something long enough will eventually yield results.

For those looking for the quick-fix solution, then take a punt on playing the lottery.

Actually, we’re not suggesting playing the lottery is not a good thing. Just don’t expect it to be the answer to your money issues.

7 Law Of Attraction Money Tips

A habit is usually formed at between twenty one to thirty days.

Sticking to a plan is crucial for achieving ultimate success.

The same applies to the following law of attraction money tips.

You fail when you deviate from your plan. Too many people will start with good intentions but for some reason just give up way too early.

The main reason is they expect results instantly.

Yes, we live in an instant gratification world today but patience still needs to be part of your overall plan


Expressing gratitude from the moment you wake up in the morning will lay a good foundation to attracting wealth into your life. Express gratitude for what you have, even if it’s a little.

By focussing on what you have will begin the wheels of attraction into motion. By thinking of what you don’t have will get you more of the same.

Gratitude for what you have sends a clear message you want more and the universe will begin to align things to work in your favor.

Each day write up to ten things you are grateful for and before going to sleep at night, look at them and repeat them out loud.

How long will this take to attract money?

Everything depends on how you execute and express your gratitude. Be up tempo and avoid negativity and sarcasm even if you are feeling a little pain from your current circumstances.

Law Of Attraction Money Has No Place For Negativity

Negativity is a huge wealth killer.

It doesn’t matter how much gratitude you display, if it’s tinged with negative thoughts then that negativity will dominate the discussion.

Learn simple money phrases such as “I am attracting more money into my life” or “I value money and am attracting more money into my life or “Money is good and every day I attract more money into my life”.

Create your own money phrases and write them down.

And every time a negative thought creeps into your thinking, come up with a safe word and say it out loud to break the pattern.

Quickly follow it with a positive thought.

Just Feel It

Many people miss this when applying law of attraction money tips to their routine.

Feeling your abundant thoughts is key to cranking up the vibration required to attract positivity into your life.

If you’re imagining living in a beautiful big house with a pool on a canal leading out to the ocean, feel it.

  • Imagine yourself laying by your pool. Feel it.
  • Imagine yourself taking in the smell of the water. Feel it.
  • Imagine getting up and diving in your pool with the refreshing water surrounding you. Yes, feel it.

Practice this every day. Any quiet moment you have, practice feeling your wealth and abundant lifestyle.

It’s amazing what an effect this will have on your immediate demeanor.

This is a powerful exercise.

Feel Worthy

Law Of Attraction Money Tips
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Fear of success is something most people won’t admit to but it is a silent money killer for many law of attraction money hopefuls.

If you don’t feel worthy of money and success then why would it be attracted into your life?

Fear of success is created by several things, most notably it stems from a young age. Being told you have limits continually will eventually sink in to your subconscious and subsequently, you spend a good part of your adulthood trying to rectify a toxic mindset.

Being in a negative environment will condition many people to think negatively about success. It’s natural. You behave like a chameleon and adapt to your surroundings. The trtuh is, you don’t have to let this stuff sink in. You can repel it.

One of the best ways to combat this thinking is to write down where your fear is coming from.

You may have several fears about becoming wealthy so write them down.

Then, for each one you write down respond with an answer to each fear as to why it is a lie.

For example, many people actually fear winning the lottery because they’ve heard lottery winners will lose all their money in a short space of time.

Or by winning a large amount of money they fear they’ll be inundated by friends, family and strangers for a share of it.

Just do the exercise we outlined and you will soon diminish any fear of becoming wealthy that you may have.

Stick with it and don’t deviate. remember what we said earlier about giving up too early?

Again, this is not a one off exercise and needs to be practiced daily.

Be Charitable

Again, this is not a suggestion you often see in a law of attraction money tip guide.

The book of Malachi in the bible talks about giving ten per cent of what you earn back to God. How much do you give back to your church or donate to charity?

By thinking you can’t afford to give even one per cent is negative thinking. You are setting yourself up for lack. Remember, what you focus on comes back to you.

Thinking thoughts of lack such as “I can’t afford to donate to charity” is detrimental to any law of attraction money exercises you are doing.

By giving, it’s amazing how the good feelings this generates permeates through your being.

Try it.

Stop Hoarding

This ties in with being charitable. Hoarding your money and being scrooge-like is not conducive to attracting more money into your life. No, we’re not saying go out and spend like there’s no tomorrow.

What we are saying is give a little, spend a little and know that you are contributing to the benefit of others.

Again, an example from the good book is loving your neighbor. One way to show love is by contributing to the well-being of others. By spending some of your money you are keeping the wheels of the economy turning.

In part, it’s basically paying it forward. Help someone who helps someone who helps someone.

Think of how much fun it would be and how good you will feel by knowing you started a chain reaction like this.

Don’t ignore this simple law of attraction money. It’s more powerful than you may think.

Law Of Attraction Money Quotes

I’ll keep this brief.

Practicing law of attraction money quotes every day is like putting fertilizer on a sad looking plant and rejuvenating it.

By reading money quotes daily you are putting the focus on your end goal. You’re fertilizing your mind and subconscious with the right messages.

Don’t just read them, write them down. Before long you’ll have your own stable of quotes which you’ll save to your memory. You’ll be able to repeat them at will.

If you have time, find five or ten minutes each day and meditate on these quotes. Find a quiet place and close your eyes. Repeat the quotes and really feel them.

Again, this is a powerful exercise and will fast track your law of attraction money quest.

Final Thoughts

Each one of these law of attraction money tips are powerful on their own.

But when you incorporate each one of them into your day, hang on tight because magic will happen.

Remember, first and foremost, practice gratitude daily and above all, recognize and stop impending negative thoughts with a safe word and replace them quickly with positive thinking.

JD Dean

What started out as an intention to fix my own problems, has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. I’m betting life has thrown you lemons. We've all tasted the same lemons but the key to overcoming the sour tasting result, is to look at failure and give it the middle finger. Maybe my pain can be your gain in whatever area of life you're looking to improve in.

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