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How To Manifest Anything You Want Starting Today

How To Manifest Anything

Figuring out how to manifest anything you want starts with knowing what it is you really want.

And most people believe it or not, don’t really know what they want.

But think back to your school days when you were asked what do you want to be when you grow up? Be honest, did you really know? So before we look at a technique to gain clarity, here’s a crash course in learning how to manifest something you want starting today.

  • Be clear about what your goal is.
  • When you are absolutely clear, ask the universe for it.
  • Very important step. Let go of any resistance and limiting beliefs you have or feel.
  • Take the action that aligns with what you want.
  • Practice gratitude. Be thankful for what you have and what you’re about to receive.
  • Meditate and feel yourself having and enjoying what you really want.
  • Trust the process. 

Dr. Melanie Barton, LCSW, Ed.D says people often don’t know what they want.

Dr. Barton says when she works with people who are trying to figure out how to get something they want, the first question is always “what do you really want?”

It’s surprising to learn this when most of us just seem to assume everyone knows what they want.

How To Manifest Anything Starts With Clarity

How To Manifest Anything You Want
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It’s a human trait that stops many people achieving the things they want.

Because they haven’t determined what it is, most people walk around with a cloud covering their head. What does this mean?

Very simply, they are sending mixed signals out to the universe. This is why you have to be clear in establishing your one desire.

Think about it, if you were an athlete and preparing for the 100 yard dash but also thinking you could compete in the miracle mile race, which one would you train for.

Each has different training requirements. One needs high intensity levels over a short time and distance while the either requires both speed and endurance.

Which one do you really want?

Choosing The One Thing You Want

Dr. Barton says the main issue is overcoming cognitive dissonance.

People behave in one way and their brain is thinking or saying something entirely different. Does this sound familiar?

It’s never talked about much when you are learning or applying the law of attraction to improve your life.

It’s why most of us never finish anything we start. We lose focus because when we start, we are thinking about something else. Could this something else really be what you want?

Here’s the truth, what we start is often times what someone else wants. A friend or a family member is succeeding in a particular area and human behavior is such that a little jealousy will come into play.

So we decide we want some of that attention too and chase the same want. But it’s not what we really desire so we go at it half-heartedly always thinking about something else.   

How To Manifest Anything You Truly Want

Dr. Barton explains a technique on how you can overcome this “disability” of not knowing what it is you really want.

“You have your behavior saying one thing and your brain thinking something else”.

“An example would be if somebody says, ‘well, I’m not racist’. And then they make an off color joke”.

“They tell their colleagues and somebody who is observant might say, ‘you know, you said you’re not racist, but that joke’…”

“So they usually respond with something like, “wow, I didn’t realize that’.”

“There’s a disconnect. So what we do is go through different checklists we have”.

“It might be spiritual, financial, relationships or health. There are a range of different categories”.

“And we test each one to see if there is a lacking or a disconnect in those areas”.

“If there is, then we write the goal. Both when we want it accomplished and what it will look like when it’s accomplished”.

“And then I’ll also test to see – ‘are you ready brain and body to work together to accomplish this’? If they’re not, it’s not going to work”.

“If they are, they don’t have to consciously remember that goal every single day. I have them have a picture of it and a symbol that helps them to remember what it is”.

“And when we check back periodically on their success rate, things are being accomplished even when they forgot about it”.

Final Thoughts – One Vision, One Goal At A Time

Can you see how important it is to have clarity on what you really want?

Spreading yourself thin always ends badly.

I used to talk with pride about my ability to multi-task. Truth was, it nearly destroyed me.

Pick one and go for it.

Dr. Barton explains in her own words the technique above in the following Life’s Breakthroughs minute.

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