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How Many Laws Of Attraction Are There And What Are They?

So, how many laws of attraction are there? This is a pretty confusing topic.

The law of attraction suggests that there is just one law. But in actual fact, there are at least three. And that’s also up for debate if you listen to some of the experts.

The confusion comes from digging deeper into this topic. The truth is, you could do ten different searches online for how many laws of attraction there are and get ten different responses.

Are there three, four, seven, eight or even twelve?

What’s happened is, since the law of attraction has become a popular topic during the past few decades, extra layers of the main law have been added by popular speakers over time “muddying the waters” about how many there really are.

For the purposes of this article and answering the question, let’s say there are three laws of attraction.

How Many Laws Of Attraction Are There?

What Are The Laws Of Attraction
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Dr. Melanie Barton, LCSW, Ed.D says she’s be guided by one main law. But she also acknowledges those who talk about the three main laws of attraction. They are:

  • like attracts like
  • nature abhors a vacuum
  • stay in the present because it’s always perfect

You at least need to be familiar with these especially if you are just starting out on this journey. So what does it all mean?

The law of attraction has become such a commercialized topic that it seems different speakers and coaches need to look for an edge when teaching to attract maximum audience attention.

The Secret burst onto the scene during the first decade of this century and took the world by storm.

In actual fact, the stuff taught in The Secret comes from proven principles of success.

Author Rhonda Byrne says herself that something triggered inside of her when she was given The Science Of Getting Rich to read.

It gave me a glimpse of The Secret and it was like a flame inside of my heart”.

The Science Of Getting Rich was written by Wallace D. Wattles in 1910 and I still consider it to be the best book on this subject ever written.

One of the reasons is for its sheer simplicity.

Again, if you’re a law of attraction beginner, do yourself a favor and read The Science Of Getting Rich.

The law of attraction principles have been written and rewritten. They’ve been taught and re-taught, talked about and analyzed so much that it’s natural to think that various interpretations are going to be spun off from the original writings.

The truth again, the laws of attraction are found deep within the pages of the greatest book of all, the bible.

The Three Laws

Dr. Barton says the number of attraction laws that exist really depends on who you’re following.

“It depends on who you’re reading and who you’re following”.

“I have been doing this work since 1974 so mine goes all the way back to Catherine Ponder and a number of the books from that era”.

“Books like The Magic Of Thinking Big and Acres Of Diamonds were very popular”.

“So that was before all these other different laws came into my awareness”.

“So I use basically just the law of attraction without having the different types”.

“Let’s look at the three laws – like attracts like; nature abhors a vacuum and the present is always perfect”.

“And it’s true, if you are in a certain place in your life, you’re going to draw people to you that are at that same vibration, whether it’s positive or negative”.

“So I teach people when you’re looking for a relationship, you’re going to attract from where you are”.

“If you want a healthier relationship, you’ve got to work on you first before you can attract a higher quality person”.

“So that’s where like attracts like”.

The like attracts like law applies in any area of your life whether it be relationships, money, career, health and even sport.

Law Of Attraction Laws – Final Thoughts

Remember, don’t complicate the law of attraction.

Concentrate on the three laws mentioned above. Once you grasp what they mean and how to apply them, then consider venturing off into exploring the other sub laws.

These may include manifestation, magnetism, synchronicity, intent or action. That’s just a few.

In the following Life’s Breakthroughs minute, Dr, Barton looks at the three laws including nature abhors a vacuum and the present is always perfect.

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