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Can You Manifest Good Health With The Law Of Attraction?

Manifest Good Health

So, can you manifest good health with the law of attraction? The short answer is yes?

It will take some work but like anything when using the law of attraction, what you conceive in your mind can be conceived into reality.

Your body vibrates at different frequencies, depending upon your state of mind. When we are happy or excited, our bodies vibrate with a higher frequency of energy than when we feel sad or depressed.  This means that if you want to attract more good things into your life, it’s important to be positive all the times.

If you focus only on what you don’t have instead of focusing on what you do have, then you will not experience abundance.

For example, if you just focus on all the health issues you have going on, then expect more of the same. One of the disturbing things I hear people say is claiming their health issue to be theirs. They’ll call it “my lumbago” or “my diabetes” or even worse, “my cancer”. 

If this is you then you need to stop doing this now. Why would you want to claim any illness as yours? That doesn’t make sense.

How Can You Manifest Good Health With The Law Of Attraction?

Manifesting Good Health
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Your body is vibration, so it makes sense that your thoughts are also vibrations. When we think positively, we create positive energy within ourselves.

This creates a vibrational match with what we want. We can use this law to attract anything into our lives – whether it’s money or love or physical well-being.

If you have ever wished for something specific, then chances are good that you were thinking about it when you needed it.  

This means that if you want to attract good things into your life, it’s important to be positive all the time. If you think negatively, then you will send out negative vibrations which can cause negative reactions or illness.

The more you focus on something, the stronger its vibration becomes. When we think positively, we create positive energy within ourselves.

This creates a vibrational match with what we want.

Manifest Perfect Health

Dr. Melanie Barton, LCSW, Ed.D says the law of attraction and good health are related. She cites herself as the perfect example.

“Yes, I did this for myself. When I was diagnosed with cancer, had five minor strokes and Lyme disease, I had to envision for myself – what would my life look like if I was healthier?

“And so like everything else, it was a process”.

“But little by little as I did my prayer wheel my health improved”.

I would date it and I would go back and check it regularly. When I accomplished a goal, I would check it off my list”.

“Then I’d make a new prayer wheel and I’d write in it, ‘okay, now instead of taking twenty five medications a day, in sixty days from now, I want to be down to ten”.

“And so I would go back and assess the progress along the way”.

And today, I am extremely healthy compared to where I was”.

“Am I perfect? No. Do I have things to work on? Yes! But the goals that I had set for myself were achieved”.

To manifest good health with the law of attraction, Dr. Barton says the same principles apply whether you’re wanting to attract more money, material things or love into your life.

One of the main ingredients in making law of attraction work for you is to be patient and stop trying to force things. When you try to force things to manifest that is akin to putting out negative thoughts out into the universe.

You’ll sound desperate. Take Dr. Barton’s lead. To tick off the small goals along the way to your major goal, patience is required in large amounts.

Manifesting Good Health – It All Starts In Your Mind

The most important thing to remember when thinking about manifesting health is this:

You must be willing to accept responsibility for your own life. No one else has control over your destiny except you.

If you don’t like something going on in your life right now, then do something about it.

Don’t wait until things get worse before doing anything. Take charge of your life by taking responsibility for your thoughts, words, and deeds. This means being responsible for your emotions, too.

Start the process today of getting rid of limiting thoughts and emotions. When we think negatively or feel negative emotion, our bodies respond by releasing stress hormones into the bloodstream.

This causes us to become more tired, less energetic, and even sicker than before.

We also release adrenaline which makes us anxious and fearful. Adrenaline creates an energy field around us that attracts similar feelings and experiences.

We then get stuck on these energies until they dissipate.

The best way to get started on this journey towards perfect health is by starting at the beginning. Clear your mind of old grudges and negativity.

You must be willing to let go of past limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. These negative self-limiting beliefs may include:

  • I’m not good enough;
  • I cannot do anything right or,
  • I don’t deserve happiness.

These limiting beliefs keep us stuck in our current state of being. They prevent us from moving forward into life’s prosperous territory. 

It’s up to you. I realize hanging onto old limiting thoughts can be additive because at our core, we find something attractive in being the victim but today you let go of all that.

Use Gratitude As A Tool To Manifest A Healthy Life

The first step towards better health is to start feeling grateful about everything around you.

You don’t even have to think too hard about it; just begin with a few simple statements like “I am grateful I woke up today.” Or “I’m grateful my family loves me.”

Or maybe you could say something like: “Today I am grateful for __________”.

Once you’ve started saying these words out loud, they’ll become part of who you are.

Having better health means feeling grateful for everything in your life. You may not realize how much good there really is in your world.

Even the negative stuff. Tell the universe how grateful you are for having had the experience so you could learn from it.

When we begin to appreciate our lives, we become aware of the abundance that surrounds us.

We see the beauty in nature, people, animals, food, and even the air we breathe.

When we open ourselves up to appreciation, we allow a higher power into our lives.

This allows us to receive guidance and inspiration when needed.

It won’t happen for you overnight but it will happen as long as your consistent and patience with your message.

In the following minute, Dr. Melanie Barton talks about her healthy law of attraction makeover. She also talks about the physical things you can do to manifest good health into your life.

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