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5 Natural Universal Laws

Natural Universal Laws

There are more natural laws of the universe than most people think.  There is a belief that these natural universal laws are the foundation of all things in existence.

The natural universal laws are not just a set of rules that govern our universe but also the principles behind everything in existence.

They are the foundation of everything we see, touch and hear as well as everything we don’t see, touch or hear.

They are what makes up the very fabric of life on earth and they are the basis of all matter and energy.

The laws are the reason for life, health, prosperity, happiness, good luck and everything else you can name. The natural universal laws are the source of everything we know, feel and experience.

The natural universal laws have been with us since the beginning of time and will continue forever. We cannot change them.

Natural Universal Laws

As we start to work with the law of attraction, we begin to realize that there are other laws at play in the universe.

What are they and what do they do? That’s a great question but be careful not to get “bogged down” so much about the how and why. Just know that we are governed by certain laws and it’s up to us how we benefit from them.

Here are five universal laws that govern the universe and an explanation of each.

1. The Law Of Attraction

Attraction lawsThe Law of Attraction is the most well-known universal law, and what most people begin exploring thanks to books and movies like “The Secret” that have popularized this law.

Essentially, this law states that if you believe what you want is possible, and you focus your positive attention on it, then you can manifest it from thought into your physical reality.

But in order for this law to work, you must be vibrationally aligned in your belief as well as your desire. For example, if you repeat “I’m now a millionaire” but you’re holding onto a belief that you’re not worth it, your manifestation will be blocked and you cannot attract your desire.

2. The Law Of Divine Oneness

How To Get What You WantAs the name implies, the Law of Divine Oneness tells us that everything and everyone is connected. We are all one, and our thoughts and actions ripple out to everyone and everything else in the universe.

If we live as if this is true, then we open ourselves up to paying closer attention to how our actions affect other people and situations.

We can bring more compassion and understanding. This law states that there is only one mind and all living things are part of the same divine energy.

3. The Law Of Vibration

Law Of AttractionThis law states that everyone and everything on earth vibrates at its own frequency. And, like vibrations attract like. Therefore, we must attune our personal vibrations to what we want to attract, and we do this through our emotions.

Emotions are another form of vibration. When you’re sad, angry, joyful, or ecstatic, you feel the difference in your body and being. These are different vibrations being felt by you. Sad, angry feelings are said to be low-vibrational states, while ecstasy would be considered a high-vibrational state.

We’re in control of how we direct our vibrations, and it is within our responsibility to hold ourselves to a higher vibration so we can match more of that frequency in our lives.

4. The Law Of Correspondence

Setting Universal GoalsHave you ever heard the phrase, “It’s happening for you, not to you”? This isn’t just a nice phrase you hear from a friend who’s trying to make you feel better.

This statement actually stems from the Law of Correspondence, which states that our reality mirrors our inner landscape. If we’re feeling fearful, we experience a life that reflects that fear. If we feel that all people are bad and harmful, we will experience people being bad and harmful.

On the flip side, if we believe that people are inherently good, we will experience more instances of this being true in our day-to-day lives.

5. The Law Of Inspired Action

universal law of actionThis is an important universal law that is exciting but also sometimes forgotten about.

The Law of Inspired Action says that you must act in order to receive. Some people have incorrectly interpreted the Law of Attraction as ONLY needing to hold a belief for it to manifest. But they’re missing the key part of manifestation: taking inspired action.

We can’t sit on the couch watching TV and expect money to fall from the sky. We need to take action toward the things we want, once we believe that we can have them. To get in touch with your personal inspired action, slow down, get quiet, let go, and open yourself up to receiving internal guidance.

An Example Of Being Connected With Everything

Universal LawWe are all connected by the natural universal laws. Our thoughts, actions and words affect each other and every part of our lives. Everything affects everything.

Our thoughts, feelings and emotions are all interrelated. If one thing goes wrong, it affects the whole world around us. And if something happens to us, it affects the whole universe.

Everything has its own unique vibration and frequency. This means that everything vibrates at a certain rate.

When your body’s vibrations match those of another person, you resonate together. When your vibrations do not match, you repel each other.

The natural universal law of attraction states that like attracts like.

This means that when two people come into contact, their energies match and they become attracted to each other.

If two people do not resonate, they remain separated from each other.

It is important to understand that this principle does not mean that we should always be harmonious with others. It simply means that we attract similar people to ourselves.

This is why some people are drawn to people who are positive and optimistic while others find themselves attracted to negative people.

What Happens When You Act Against Natural Universal Laws?

Universal Laws Of AttractionDid you know that these natural universal laws apply to both the physical world and the spiritual realm. In the spiritual realm, it is believed that we create our reality according to the natural universal laws.

As long as we live in harmony with these laws, we create an environment where everything works out the way we want it to work out.

However, when we act against the natural universal laws, we end up creating situations that are not conducive to our personal growth and development.

For example, when someone acts aggressively towards us, we may react in kind because we believe that we are being attacked.

However, if we take a moment to look at the situation objectively, we realize that we are actually reacting to the aggressor’s aggression.

We are attempting to defend ourselves from the aggressor’s attack. This is how we end up getting hurt in life.

Conclusion: Natural Universal Laws

The natural universal principles are meant to protect us so that we do not get hurt.

So, when we are aware of our surroundings and are able to see things from another perspective, we are acting in accordance with the natural universal laws. We are living in harmony with the natural universal laws and therefore we do not get hurt or harmed.

There is a famous saying that states…you reap what you sow.

This means that whatever we put out there comes back to us.

What we think about and speak about returns to us. What we focus on expands.

So, if we wish to manifest more wealth, success, love, relationships, health and abundance into our lives, then we must first develop a clear vision of what we desire.

We must also be willing to give up our old beliefs and attitudes so that we can replace them with new ones.

We need to have faith in our ability to achieve our goals. Then, we must take action towards achieving our desired outcomes.

Once we begin taking consistent action towards manifestation, we will soon notice changes happening in our lives. Our desires will start coming true.

The Natural Universal Laws
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