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5 Law Of Attraction Daily Exercises You Can Start Using Today

Law Of Attraction Daily Exercises

Law of attraction daily exercises range from affirmations to visualization. There’s no real physical activity required although this is not permission to stop exercising.

Daily exercises for law of attraction just means you’re keeping your conscious and subconscious in shape.

You’re on a mission to attract what you really want in your life. Exercising your positive thought process daily will get you in the zone that repels negativity and helps you stay on track.

Working with the law of attraction is an ongoing process; it’s not a once-and-done deal.

It’s helpful to know a few law of attraction daily exercises that can help you put your manifestation powers to use.

Keep these ideas in your back pocket to refer to over time as you practice working with the law of attraction.

1. Law Of Attraction Daily Exercises – Use Your Imagination

The Law Of Attraction Daily Exercises
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Ever since we were kids, we were told to use our imaginations. When we’re young, it’s easy to imagine magnificent worlds and play make-believe.

But as we get older, we start using our imaginations less when the realities of life start taking over.

Using your imagination is a helpful tool for creative visualization.

When you use your imagination to create images and feelings in your mind about what you want, you can raise your vibration and start attracting more of what you want into your life.

Try spending a few minutes imagining your perfect day. How do you feel when you wake up? What is the first thing you do? How do you get yourself ready for your day? What are your morning activities?

Use your imagination to create the vision of your perfect day, and eventually move on to imagining your perfect life.

2. Start By Manifesting Something Small

Manifestation is a practice. So when you start to work with the law of attraction, practice by manifesting something small.

This could be anything that you believe you can manifest relatively quickly. It should be something you have no limiting beliefs against or resistance to. Something as simple as seeing a particular bird or animal, or a sequence of numbers.

Then, tune your attention to this item. What does it look like? How will it feel to see it when it manifests?

Next, let go of expectation. Let it go and let the universe surprise you with that object’s presence at an unexpected time.

Once you’ve manifested something small, gradually start moving to bigger and more significant manifestations to hone your power.

By starting with something small, your limbering up your “manifestation muscles”.

3. Practice Gratitude As Part Of Your Law Of Attraction Daily Exercises Routine

Gratitude is a powerful exercise that makes us aware of all the blessings we currently have.

Practicing gratitude daily can tune your awareness to the good things in life and lift your spirits, while also increasing your manifestation power.

You can practice gratitude silently with your eyes closed in a relaxed state, or make a gratitude list on a piece of paper every morning or every evening.

Many L.O.A. students fall into the trap of practicing gratitude once and assuming that’s all they need to do. This should be done at every opportunity. In fact, the practice of gratitude should never stop.

How often should you practice it? Ideally, every hour of the day. Whether you do it under your breath or say it out loud, be grateful 24/7.

Make gratitude a daily part of your life and you’ll be surprised at how this changes your perspective and invites more blessings and positivity to you.

4. Create Your Vision Board

Creating a vision board or dream board is great for the visual thinkers among us.

A vision board or dream board is simply visual representation of your goals using photographs, magazine cutouts, text, or other imagery.

When you create a visual representation of your goals, your subconscious mind starts to work behind the scenes to help you bring your goals to life.

Be sure to place your dream board in a prominent place where you’ll look at it every day, whether it’s a paper board on your living room wall or a digital vision board that you set as your phone wallpaper.

Your vision board should never be stagnant.

Add to it regularly and while you’re doing this, use affirmations and gratitude that these things are already yours.

5. Visualization Is A Powerful Part Of Your Law Of Attraction Daily Exercises

Visualization is an amazing exercise that you can do anywhere, any time. Simply close your eyes and imagine the person, thing, or event you’re looking to manifest.

Really tap into the feelings you’d have as if this has already manifested into your life.

Tap into your visualization as often as possible for an effective exercise in the law of attraction.

For example, if it’s a dream house with a pool you want, find a quiet spot and visualize yourself in your new house.

Visualize yourself laying by the pool. Smell the chlorinated water; smell the suntan lotion you have on.

Visualize yourself getting up and jumping in the pool. Feel how refreshing the water is. Really feel it and take in the aromas. This is law of attraction exercise at its most powerful.

See it, smell it and feel it.

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned earlier, these law of attraction daily exercises help keep your manifestation muscles stretched.

Manifesting, visualization, practicing gratitude and imagining.

Doing this daily helps keep those muscles stretched as you continue on your journey to achieving your true desire.

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