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10 Ways On How To Get Better At Visualizing What You Want

How To Get Better At Visualizing

The key on how to get better at visualizing what you want starts with deciding what it is you want.

That may sound a little confusing but the truth is, most people don’t really know what it is they truly want.

People have lots of things they desire. Choosing one is tough.

It’s like being at school and your teacher asks you want you want to be? You think about it and say. “gee, I don’t know”.

So before you entertain any thoughts of visualizing for success or achieving your goals, establish what it is you want.

You can’t visualize everything you want. Pick the burning desire that you feel when you think about something. You’ll know what it is. Choose it and then visualize you having it. In this article, I’m going to give you several tips on how to become better at visualization.

How To Get Better At Visualizing

Let’s look at several ways on how to get better at visualizing.

Choose one of the following and practice it.

Eventually, this will become second nature to you and you’re ability to visualize without interference will go to a new level.

1) Be Specific About What It Is That You Want

When we talk about visualization, many times we are talking about generalities.

We might tell someone to imagine themselves as rich, famous, healthy etc…

But these aren’t specific enough. When you start thinking in specifics, you will see more clearly where you need to go.

For example: If you want to lose weight, you should not just picture yourself thin; you must also envision yourself eating healthier foods.

This way you will actually make progress towards losing weight.

Get specific about what it is you want or want to achieve. Remember to keep negative thinking out of this process as the universe will send you what it is you are creating in your mind.

2) Start With A Goal And Then Work Your Way Backwards From There

When starting out, set up some sort of goal. Maybe you would like to learn guitar, so you decide to practice every day for an hour.

Or maybe you want to write a book, so you pick a topic and work backwards from there.

The point here is to choose a goal that seems attainable.

3) How To Get Better At Visualizing? Don’t Think Of Yourself As An Artist – Instead Picture Others Doing Things They Love

If you try to visualize yourself doing something you love, you won’t succeed because you will always compare yourself to others who do it well.

So instead, focus on other artists who inspire you.

Use this inspiration in your visualization. Eventually, you’ll feel the want to be doing what the artist is doing. It will become a “gripping type of feeling within the pit of your stomach”. You’ll want it so much. That’s part of feeling it as if you already have it.

4) Use Music To Help You Visualize

Music has been used by great leaders throughout history to help them achieve their dreams.

One such leader was Abraham Lincoln. It is said he found it difficult to sleep without music playing in his head.

This is something I do a lot. But be careful what tune you choose though.

5) How To Get Better At Visualizing? Create A Vision Board

A vision board is simply pictures of all the things you want to accomplish.

Put them somewhere visible so you can easily refer back to them whenever you need inspiration.

Unless you can see your board everyday, it won’t be much good to you. Create more than one board and put them in areas of your home you frequent often.

6) Make Sure Everything On Your Vision Board Has Something To Do With Your Goals

For instance, if you want to quit smoking, put images of cigarettes “blowing up” on your vision board. Also put images of happy smokers enjoying life.

Focussing in on the happy nature of the people is what you want to hone in on.

Images of exercise and healthy living are other things you can put on your board to show you what your life can look like if you stop this habit right now.

7) Just Keep Going Even Though You Feel Like Giving Up

Many people fail at visualization because they stop too soon. Remember, even though you may feel discouraged, keep working until you reach your goal.

Here is the biggest reason why people fail when using the law of attraction. They think it’s a “magic pill” solution to helping them get what they want. It’s not!

It takes work. Anything worth doing takes work. Doing this once and expecting a return will only bring you lots of disappointment.

8) How To Get Better At Visualizing? Practice Every Day

Visualization isn’t magic. You still have to take action. Just practicing once a week doesn’t cut it.

This goes in line with the previous tip. Look at top athletes. They make their craft look easy. But do you know how much practice they put in to achieve their goals.

They’ll practice something over and over again until they get it right. The same applies to visualizing.

9) Find Someone Who Can Inspire You

Find someone who inspires you and ask them questions about their journey. Learn from them.

Another idea is to find someone you respect immensely. In fact, someone you fear a little and who you never want to let down.

Let them know what you’re doing and ask them if they would be willing to check in on you to see if you are completing your tasks.

If you fear and respect them, you’ll get your practice done every time.

These are the people important in and to your goals and you don’t want to create a bad impression with them.

This is a powerful tip and probably deserves to be a little higher in this “pecking order”.

How To Become Better At Visualization
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10) How To Get Better At Visualizing? Take Action!

Don’t wait around hoping that someday you will magically find the perfect job, money, health, relationships, house, car, body type etc.. Go after it now.

Sitting around thinking about stuff isn’t going to make it magically appear in your lap. You still have to do things in line with your visualization.

Someone can give you the light switch but you still have to turn it on! How can you supplement your visualization moments with action? Really think about this and do it.

I hope these tips on how to get better at visualizing help you get what you want. Please keep us posted on your progress in the comments.

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